Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DECAPITATED - Carnival is Forever CD review

DECAPITATED - Carnival is Forever CD
Nuclear Blast
Genre: Death Metal (?)
Rating: 1/5

This is the fifth full length by the newly resurrected DECAPITATED. Just to recap past events, back in 2007 the band's tour bus collided with a truck while they were on their way to a gig in Belarus. Their drummer Vitek would later die a few days later from the injuries sustained in the accident. Their singer Covan still recovering from his head injuries. That left guitarist Vogg to continue on in whatever capacity he felt worthy. He chose to keep the band name and recruit new members. Now obviously with the type of circumstances involved here one should expect some differences. For the past decade they've been Poland's premiere Tech Death act with some decent albums under their belts. I liked two out of the four they've released but now things are different. You wouldn't think a dramatic change was in store since it's still Vogg's riffs, solos and songwriting. But yeah this is pretty mainstream metal here which will probably appear up on the local cable TV metal channel. That's right I'm calling the new DECAPITATED CD the dreaded "Cable Metal". This is the type of stuff for people with no attention span whatsoever who wear baggy shorts, over sized t-shirts and baseball caps worn backwards of course.

Yes I know it's sad but true and you can't escape it especially when this thing opens up with the power chugged vibes and "core" style vocals. Some of the cuts have that groove structure while others sound industrial except for the last cut which is acoustic. It's not a total loss since there are a few choice cuts that veer away from the formulated stuff. Unfortunately this thing has rotted my brain to the point where I just can't put my finger on it. Next thing you know I'll start liking MESHUGGAH or any similar crap retread copycat of theirs. Some people might take what I've written as being harsh. Well frankly yes I am being harsh for a good reason. Normally I wouldn't touch a band like this because it's mainstream sounding metal. Sure Vogg slips in a few cool solos but as far as these songs go they're forgettable, boring and annoying. Mainstream people like things forgettable, boring and annoying. Well DECAPITATED were at one time an exciting band who were part of that great Polish Death Metal tradition. Unfortunately they're now moving into another direction. Mainstream people will probably go nuts for this as they should.


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