Tuesday, July 19, 2011

APOCRYPHON - Self Titled CDEP review

Self release
Genre: Death Grind
Rating: 5/5

This came to me with the words "feel free to tear it to pieces if you don't dig it." Well I wouldn't go that far since this is the type of death grind which will tear anyone to pieces. Since their band name means "secret writing" I was expecting something out of the ordinary to make me question my beliefs in Extreme Metal. Question my beliefs, yeah right? Next thing ya know MORBID ANGEL will release a pseudo industrial record. Ah yeah well oops! Thankfully there's no new gospels on here to speak of. This four piece from San Francisco, CA are strictly go for the jugular gore grind with some experimental touches. In all four of those performance stations the individuals excel but I gotta give credit to their guitarist Shelby Lermo. Listening to his guitar prowess on these six cuts is like being beaten with something ugly and made of metal. Emphasis especially at the end of "Hidden Altars" with that sizzling in the frying pan type feedback along with the atmospheric blackened rhythms within "Synaesthesia". Another point of interest are the vocals which are lead by Peter Lamons but with added background violent screams by Lermo as well as bassist Jason Miller. It adds to the overall attack by taking this self titled release out of the typical genre box. These guys are tweaked and rock like crazy people. The drumming by Mike Jochimsen is also out of the box worthy since he's adding choice fills within the trigger frameworks. Along with the death grind the band experiments with some psych elements added like garnish on introductions to cuts like "Psychedelic Warrior" and "Synaesthesia". Unpredictable is a perfect word for describing APOCRYPHON since they have created something so interesting to listen to. You listen something this good and wonder why the major labels are releasing childish crap. Other writers would probably find elements within here where they could name drop classic band names from the past. I think those past greats need to sit up and look at what they helped create with their influence. APOCRYPHON are the next big thing in Death Grind.

Bandcamp: http://apocryphon.bandcamp.com/

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