Thursday, July 21, 2011

BRUTALLY DECEASED - Dead Lovers' Guide CD review

Lavadome Productions
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 4/5

This Czech Republic death metal quartet not only takes their name from a GRAVE song off of their second release, You'll Never See, but to an extent they also take their brutal influences from them as well. They definitely sent this to the right person since I'm a big time GRAVE fan. I have more of their releases than any other early Swedish Death Metal act. BRUTALLY DECEASED are another young band whose love for OSDM has led them down the left hand path to recreate old school death metal in the early Swedish tradition. This originally came out in the dink format last year but their label is about to re-release it on vinyl. Therefore it's worthy for the Scumfeast Metal 666 review treatment. Whenever I hear these new bands reviving the spirit and traditions of the late 80's/early 90's Swedish DM sound I get a kick out of it. I've seen some people (re: idiots) pass their negative judgements on these types of bands. Not me, obviously, because good extreme music transcends generations and overly jaded opinions come from those people who were never into it in the first place.

BRUTALLY DECEASED are definitely perfect in their recreation of the old Sunlight sound. That at times can be a hindrance since sounding too close to the subject matter can quickly make it seem like you're a tribute band. Case in point, the last cut on this nine song release is a cover of DISMEMBER's “Override of the Overture”. The band does a spot on version which works well since it is the final song and if they fucked with it then there would be hell to pay. But still you are an OSDM band so if you're gonna do Swedish DM covers then save em for the live set. As for their originals, the drums on the opener "Lustful Sodomy in the House of God" sounded a little canned. Then again the production is just as raw as the early Swedes recorded back in the day. The speed and brutality grows more savage as the release proceeds which to me is always a plus. All in all BRUTALLY DECEASED do well in resurrecting memories of the past. Lets wait and see what their next release sounds like for a real judgement call.



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