Thursday, July 21, 2011

EXHUMED - All Guts No Glory CD review

EXHUMED - All Guts No Glory CD
Relapse Records
Genre: Death Metal/Gore Metal
Rating: 5/5

I must say it's been a good few years for Death Metal especially if you like things sounding old school and violent. This year seems to have pushed things over the top with some of the original dealers in destruction coming back to life to regain some significance in a genre that is running wild with new talent. First there was AUTOPSY with their long awaited comeback Macabre Eternal and now we have this. Although their "troo" fans will tell ya that EXHUMED are not Death Metal but are Gore Metal which is a hybrid of death, grind and thrash. Yes one could see the confusion and its true they pretty much are Gore Metal. So after a five year semi quiet period founder Matt Harvey (guitar/vocs) returns with his latest EXHUMED line-up incarnation featuring second oldest member bassist Leon del Muerte along with Wes Caley on guitar and Danny Walker on drums. Although Caley and Walker have been officially part of the band since 2003, and appeared on 2005's covers compilation, this is their first appearance on a full length release with all original material.

After a short intro instrumental title cut to get your blood pressure rising the holocaust of gore tinged ferocity begins and your knee deep in the shit. All Guts No Glory is a few seconds over thirty six minutes of grisly clinical fornication. Yes true believers not all old bands who return after a long hiatus turn pseudo industrial. Everything you remember from the past is back in full force and tighter. The release slowly builds upon the ferocity until finally at it's mid-point you're in face ripping country. The duel vocal attack of Harvey's high pitched screams and Muerte's low guttural growls run throughout. Early cuts like "As Hammer To Anvil" and "Your Funeral, My Feast" are slightly melodic in a brutal kind of way. Harvey's soloing again at times soars through you like piano wire cutting flesh with ease. It's the riffs which of course hold the most bludgeoning power propelled even further by talents of Walker's pounding drum work. "Distorted And Twisted To Form" and "I Rot Within" are the two best cuts on here which exemplify the intensity this band has returned with. Excellent.



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