Sunday, July 24, 2011

DISMA - Towards the Megalith CD review

DISMA - Towards the Megalith CD
Profound Lore Records
Genre: Death/Doom
Rating: 4/5

New Jersey's DISMA are part of the new wave of bands the world over who are into Old School Death Metal. While overseas the influence is directly from Sweden here in the states it's more INCANTATION and AUTOPSY worshipping. The band put out a demo in 2009, The Vault of Membros, which is when the whole new OSDM thing really got going. Somehow someway they got on Profound Lore which really ain't hard to believe since the label has put out similar material by bands I really like; COFFINWORM, MITOCHONDRION and HOODED MENACE to name a few. One important thing to note is that while the lions share of the new breed of OSDM bands out there are young guns DISMA are veterans of the DM music scene. The band is made up of members who have trudged along the path of bodies and broken bones for sometime. One in particular is their vocalist Craig Pillard who once sang with INCANTATION back in the 90's. So therefore the comparisons to the previously mentioned bands is going to be obvious. DISMA also doesn't try to screw with the formula. The basis of Towards the Megalith (or is it Onward to Golgotha Two?) is the diabolical rhythms, powerful drumming and Pillard's cavernous vocals. Speed on here is not in large quantities. Most of the songs on here are of the dragging more ass than an alligator type or maybe the mega-gator. But then that's what it's all about. They're not about to dazzle you with flashy solos but will crush your skull and scare your neighbors if you blast this with the windows open.



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