Sunday, July 24, 2011

GRAYCEON - All We Destroy CD Review

GRAYCEON - All We Destroy CD
Profound Lore Records
Genre: Progressive Metal
Rating: 0/5

So this is the cello girl's band? For those of you who don't know the "cello girl" I refer to is Jackie Perez Gratz who has appeared on quite a number of other band's releases. Whenever some band is at a loss for inspiration they think "hey you know I believe what this song really needs is some cello." Then again it could be the producer who comes up with those ideas. Either way Gratz has appeared on releases by NEUROSIS, CATTLE DECAPITATION and a few more which I just don't feel like mentioning. Lets just say she's not hurting for side work as long as bands or their producers get a wild hair up their rectums to ask for more cello. As far as her band here it's just average sounding down tuned crunchy doom riffs, drums and Gratz screaming/singing along with her cello playing. In a nutshell GRAYCEON is average sludge metal with a gimmick. I have nothing against bringing non metal instruments into the fold. My love for Pagan Folk metal is proof of that. But on here the cello is just as annoying as Gratz's vocals which kinda sound some what Lilith Fair-ish. This is not innovative it's simply ridiculous. So it's no wild stretch of the imagination to why hipsters like GRAYCEON. Hipsters by design are non-metallically inclined to start with. Therefore anything that is unorthodox or ironic when it comes to metal is something they run to like lemmings. Hopefully while chasing this band they don't notice the cliff up ahead.



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