Friday, July 1, 2011

WOLF - Legions of Bastards CD review

WOLF - Legions of Bastards CD
Century Media Records
Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal
Rating: 5/5

I didn't get into WOLF (strange right?) until their 2006 release The Black Flame which I thought was incredible and it also lingered next to my stereo for a few years. I finally put it somewhere safe when these Swedes released Ravenous in 2009. Unfortunately that one went quickly into the rack because it really lacked just about everything the previous one had. Legions of Bastards is a return to the basics of writing catchy fuckin songs that get your heart pounding and making you wanna scream. Actually I did scream SABBATH and PRIEST because that's the two major identified influences which jump out at you. WOLF is just one of those types of bands who can get away with a little nudge nudge, wink wink, borrowed riff here and a borrowed riff there. Besides if you don't like SABBATH and PRIEST then you can pretty much kiss my ass. Also if you don't like DEEP PURPLE either then you can do the same since the riff to "Road to Hell" comes straight off of "Flight of the Rat". But mostly this is SABBATH and PRIEST worship especially on the opener "Vicious Companions". Now Niklas Stalvind is no Halford (not even Ripper Owens could fill the boots of the Metal God) but damm if he doesn't come close to pulling it off in a Painkiller era type of way. The next cut “Skull Crusher” follows with the same vibe and if your head ain't banging yet then you don't have one. “Jekyll & Hyde” relies on an Iommi inspired riff which is on again off again in between the metallic melody. "Tales from the Crypt" is flat out incredible with a touch of MAIDEN. Hell every damm song on here has that catchy 80's power vibe flowing through it. I'm speaking from experience here now because I lived through those days. I guess The Black Flame will stay put while this one sits next to my stereo for a long long time.



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