Thursday, July 14, 2011

ORDOG - Remorse CD review

ORDOG - Remorse CD
Violent Journey Records
Genre: Doom
Rating: 1/5

Back in 2008 I checked out their Life is too Short for Learning to Live full length based on what had been written about it. Much to my dismay it was not up to the hype which I was led to believe. Yes it's true that I get fooled into believing what some writer who just swallowed a Thesaurus posts. It's kinda why I'm more straight forward whenever I opine. Be that as it may here we have their latest release, their third full length overall, and I'm still wondering what these Finnish funeral doom merchants (which is a stretch) are trying to accomplish. Thankfully I haven't read anything about this release somewhere else. They've got the title right at least because if you purchase this one you will have buyer's remorse. They could have simply titled this Recycled since everything on here except for the piano has been lifted from the genre fore bearers. To make things even worse there's over an hour's worth of boring recycled riffs, haunting vocals and piano flourishes. I wouldn't even shove this in the direction of someone into funeral doom since they might just actually keel over.



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