Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NADIMAC - Po Kratkom Postupku CD review

NADIMAC - Po Kratkom Postupku CD
AreaDeath Productions
Genre: Thrash
Rating: 3/5

Here's a Serbian Thrash band on a Chinese record label proving once again that Extreme Metal works in mysterious ways. Now that the Thrash Revival is over with here in the states, the eyes and ears of fans have turned to Europe for their fresh fix. I talked about this last year while reviewing a slew of newer European Thrash acts. NADIMAC are not relatively new since they started out back in 2003 and started pumping out releases on a regular basis since 2007. This is only their second full length but they have been on a roll releases various splits in the past few years. As far as Po Kratkom Postupku goes this four piece takes the Crossover Punk approach of NUCLEAR ASSAULT and combines it with the cleaner Thrash style of KREATOR. The end result is obviously fast and furious with screamed vocals. All the tracks on here are sung (I mean screamed) in their native tongue except for a six second cover of KREATOR's "Pleasure to Kill" and the final two cuts. This would probably do better with the punks than metal heads but all around it's good. They must put on an incredible live show with bodies flying.

Label: http://adp.areadeath.net/

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/nadimacbend

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