Saturday, July 30, 2011

AZARATH - Blasphemers Malediction CD review

AZARATH - Blasphemers Malediction CD
Witching Hour Productions
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 5/5

Now this is how an obligatory opening intro track on a Death Metal release should be, if you have to have one. "Arising the Black Flame" is just four seconds long. That's right just four seconds and then the blasphemy commences. For those of you who don't know, AZARATH has always been the outsiders of Poland's more famous (or infamous) Death Metal trident of evil aka: VADER, HATE and BEHEMOTH. Strangely enough AZARATH's drummer, Inferno, is also in BEHEMOTH. Even with all of that AZARATH has released four incredible long players since 2001 and that's with multiple lineup changes. Still this new one follows in that great tradition. Simply put Blasphemers Malediction is bestial blackened death rampaging up from the nether regions because they were giving the horned one the frights. While men use powerful equipment to drill deep inside the earth AZARATH uses heavy pulverizing riffs and intense drumming to tunnel their way up from the depths. Pardon my use of "underground" metaphors but hell in their case it works. Yeah well but anyway I've been a fan of these guys for a while so pardon my bias but these guys can do no wrong in my book. I know 2011 has been the year were every "highly anticipated" extreme metal band's release has left fans with their jaws dropping to the floors in disbelief in how shitty they turned out to be. Thankfully I knew AZARATH would not be releasing an industrial record. Industrial strength yes like a fifty story abattoir running on overtime. After that previously mentioned four second opening Blasphemers Malediction lets loose with ten full cuts of diabolical destruction. Every one is a blistering full on assault of technically proficient blasphemy and going through every song title would be an insult to you evilness. Just order it now.



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