Saturday, July 30, 2011

NAILGUN MASSACRE - Backyard Butchery CD review

NAILGUN MASSACRE - Backyard Butchery CD
Slowrunner Records
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 4/5

Over the years I've had plenty of friends who were carpenters and framers. All of em had a nailgun mishap story and of course a few had some sadistic ideas for alternative uses of nailguns. I've used one myself a few times and I always worried about accidentally shooting myself in the leg or kneecap. (Which is usually the main injuries) Now without going into any more job site accident stories (Although I do have a great one about a guy getting pulled into a wood chipper) this band has two great things going for em from the start. They're from Holland and they've got a great band name. As regular readers of Scumfeast Metal 666 know I'm bias when it comes to bands from the country of my family's heritage. But when it comes to Death Metal, while other nations had to get into the revival mode as far as Old School Death Metal goes, the Dutch didn't have to. They've always done Old School Death Metal right. Am I bias? Yeah. Hyperbolic? Not really. Is this good music? You're damm right!

NAILGUN MASSACRE comes at you with the brutality of AUTOPSY and the insanity of IMPETIGO with a zombie-fied Martin Van Drunen on vocals. Just listen to "Albert The Geek" and you will know I'm right. Face ripping guitar solos are a rarity on Backyard Butchery. Although there are plenty of extended leads, the meatier ones appearing on "Cadaverous Lay", "Mortuary Meathouse" as well as "Spanish Spider". The band makes up for it by packing their songs with enough bludgeoning intensity that you really don't care. This five piece could be the house band for a weekend zombie movie fest. Trust me, the band would be more horrifying then the flicks. This thing is gore, death and more gore with an old school production value that will make your late 80's Death Metal demo collection jealous. Eight songs total and no really fast blasts to speak of. Most of the cuts creep along at the speed of a zombie (that's right people zombies don't run). Since I got absolutely no info on this band I can't tell ya if these are young guys out to continue the great Dutch Death Metal legacy or older veterans having a blast. Either way zombie themed movies might be getting too cliche but music like this never will as long as sick minded individuals create it for hungry fans. They're not out to re-invent the genre but they will keep the beast in you fed.



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