Sunday, July 24, 2011

DEADMAN - Spirito Di Pietra CD review

DEADMAN - Spirito Di Pietra CD
Dusktone Records
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 2/5

The only info I knew about DEADMAN before listening to this debut full length is that the title translates into English as Spirit of Stone and that the band is from Italy. I'm guessing all the mystery lies in the fact that DEADMAN is actually a one man black metal project. It's just a suspicion of course brought about by the low fi production. Something which is not a mystery is the fact that this Italian sounds like a Scandinavian export as far as blackened atmosphere and style on here exhibits. I wouldn't say the guy is completely painting by the numbers though since there's added bits of post rock ambiance and even some industrial flavor to the mix. The cuts on Spirito Di Pietra are represented by Roman numerals (go figure right?) and there's nine in all covering just over forty five minutes. The opener "I" is a simple ambient shoegazer cut using synths, guitar picking notes and some drum work. Once it's finished the mystery is over since the following cuts are pretty standard paced second wave BM. There are moments when DEADMAN slips into areas of doom then again it could simply be the disadvantages of a one man recording process. The songs contain all the BM standards as in tremolo picked riffs, hauntingly harsh vocals which sometimes revert to the satanic frog and at times when needed the double-bass drumming. When the added extras do come in they're like someone accidentally opening a door while listening to something completely different from the other room. Then it stops abruptly and all returns back to the simple BM formula. To me that's a sad way to structure a song in order to make your sound more cross pollinating.



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