Thursday, July 21, 2011

PORKY VAGINA - Bukkageddon CD review

PORKY VAGINA - Bukkageddon CD
Self Released
Genre: Gore Grind
Rating: 2/5

Just for the record this Polish band's release is available for free download at their label/blogspot. You might wanna consider that before you fork over the bucks for something which has songs like the opener "Analne Torsje" which translates into English as Anal Vomiting. It has an appropriate sound bite to start things off with. Then there's "Kupiłem psa w dywanie" which means I Bought a Dog in a Carpet, obviously they do have a sense of humor amidst all the gore and grind. Plus how many times has that happened to you after carpet shopping? Seriously you bring the carpet home, unroll it in the living room only to find a dead dog inside. Frankly that's happened way to many times if you ask me. Then there's "Swiniogwałt" and that means Pigrape which ain't so bad since one man's bestiality is another's masturbation. There are a few English titled cuts on here like the surf rocker "Cock'n'Roll" and a DAVYBOYS cover of "Heavy Metal Farmer" all gore grinded out. After the first listen I was thinking that not even the band; who are Gangbang Warrior on bass, Pig Fucker on vocals (if you wanna call what he does vocals) and Bukkake John on guitar and drums, takes themselves that seriously. Two members are also in a death metal band GRIND YOUR BRAIN so maybe this is a side project to relieve tension. I thought that's what the pig was for.



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