Sunday, July 24, 2011

BONES - Self Titled CD review

BONES - Self Titled CD
Planet Metal
Genre: Blackened Death/Thrash
Rating: 5/5

I believe I've found the party release of 2011. What I mean by party release is that you slap this into the stereo at your fuckin party and if anyone complains then they don't belong at your party. When you give em the boot don't forget to flip them the horns and scream "666"! Seriously everything about this release rocks like a motherfucker. You could bang your head to it, start a pit to it, you could even simply sit back and slap your leg to it. As you all know (or should by now) I'm listening to the music while writing about it. I'll say that this one is almost impossible to type to because I keep stopping to play air guitar, throw the horns, bang my head (into the fucking monitor once) basically anything. In the words of an old friend of mine from years past, "Dude this is killer!" BONES is a brand new act out of Chicago which is made up of ex-USURPER members: Jon - Bass & Vox (aka: Jon Necromancer) Chris - Guitar (aka: Carcass Chris) and Joe - Drums (aka: Joe Apocalyptic Warlord). Now I will tell ya that USURPER was a damm great band back in the day but these guys are not trying to rekindle their past. On the contrary BONES is far more bludgeoning and fun to listen to. I get a sadistic grin going on every time I play this. THIS IS FUCKIN METAL! Remember that feeling when you got a new release, played it and then thought to yourself that it was the greatest thing you've ever heard? Of course not because you're jaded but I'm not.

Now of course in reality BONES ain't the greatest band ever (BEST RELEASE OF 2011?) but their music has all the right elements which make extreme music incredible. Hell this is the kinda stuff that Scumfeast Metal 666 was based upon. What makes BONES so fuckin over the top is their primordial sound. You have that filthy sick guitar tone added with distorted bass, incredible drumming and of course Jon's mighty vocals. He makes it sound like this is the last recording ever and he's putting every bit of anger left in him out into the cuts. There's an old saying that goes "Music has charms to soothe the savage breast." Well screw that because BONES creates music that turns you into a savage beast and I like being a beast. When "March Of The Dead" starts things off and it's like a punk thrash MOTORHEAD hybrid on the attack with Carcass Chris ripping through a solo that will have ya screaming "yeahhhhh hell fuck yeahhhhh!" The intensity builds with "Bloodlust" and "Bitch" which are perfect cuts for starting a pit to and not stopping till the floor is a bloody mess. The chaotic destruction continues when BONES breaks out a DEVASTATION cover "Apocalyptic Warrior". This is the Chicago band and not the one from Texas of the same name. The song itself comes from DEVASTATION's demo from 1986 A Creation of Ripping Death. Quick look it up and download it so you can be cool and knowledgeable. Obviously BONES are giving a nod to their hometown's great metal past which they too are part of. Not everything on here is slam pits and MOTORHEAD hybrids. BONES knows how to slow things down to a death metal crawl on the excellent "Good Die Young" and "666". Hell every single cut on here is fantastic. My only hope now is that I'll get to see em live this year.



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