Thursday, July 21, 2011

CORPUS CHRISTII - Luciferian Frequencies CD review

CORPUS CHRISTII - Luciferian Frequencies CD
Candlelight Records
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 5/5

It's been a while since this one man black metal act from Portugal put something new out. For the record 2008 and that was an EP on Agonia Records titled Carving a Pyramid of Thoughts. I'm sorry to say I never picked that one up. In fact the last CORPUS CHRISTII release I have is the Rising full length from 2007 which I thought was great. I wasn't alone on that opinion either. It seemed that even certain snobs in the metal media took a shine to Nocturnus Horrendus' (vocals and all instruments) creativity which was a surprise since they've always looked down their nose at Moribund bands. Who knows, maybe since the only other dark band outta Portugal, MOONSPELL, hasn't done anything exciting in a while they wanted to throw a bone. Whatever the case now CORPUS CHRISTII is on big time Candlelight Records, who reissued the Rising full length in 2008. Now that means instead of finding just one copy of their new release, which was once the case, you will see four or five copies in the record store bins. Yes that is a good thing if you still shop in stores for music. Besides there's another band which goes by the same name minus one "I" at the end who are polar opposites when it comes to religious philosophies. I laugh at the possibilities of mistaken purchases. Nocturnus Horrendus might be a satanist but I'm a sadist.

Luciferian Frequencies, the seventh full length by Nocturnus Horrendus is his best work, in my not so humble opinion, to date. It's pure unadulterated black metal which reminds me of some of the early, angry and Satanic bands of the French underground BM scene but with better production. Music wise it's blastbeats and tremolo picked riffs with no avant garde progression or watered down atmospheric time consuming passages. All the songs on here are relatively short with none going over the six minute mark. The uniqueness of all CORPUS CHRISTII's releases is of course Horrendus the vocalist. He screams, shouts, growls and even spits out the lyrics propelling himself to be a formidable opponent to anything holy. At times he even sounds like Atilla Csihar of MAYHEM. The final result is a release full of venomous disdain yet shrouded in a creepy darkness. The idea is for the listener to sit back and let the music conjure up the evils of your own imagination, which for me was easy. I'd say even the kvlt BMers will wanna grab this even though they hate Candlelight.



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