Friday, November 18, 2011

LE SCIMMIE - Dromomania CD review

LE SCIMMIE - Dromomania CD
Self Released
Genre: Instrumental Doom
Rating: 3/5

At first I didn't know what I was getting into with this one. The opening track, "OOOO", is basically fifty six seconds of drone which sounded like wind howling. Thankfully that was just an intro because what followed is super cool fuzzed out instrumental doom. LE SCIMMIE, which translates into the monkeys or apes, is an Italian duo who could be that nation's version of OM except there's guitar on here instead of just bass and drums. Dromomania is their debut full length which is short on overall time since the ten cuts (okay some of them are noise interludes) on here fly by. Although there's a lot going on here plus it has an exciting fun type of vibe which runs throughout. Yeah I know when was the last time you saw someone use the word "fun" in a Doom review?

After that drone opening LE SCIMMIE kick into gear with some menacing stoner rock groove on "L'oblio mistico" then follow it up with a faster pace title track. Both cuts are highlighted by insanely down-tuned guitar playing with so much distortion it makes a pissed off bee's next sound tame in comparison. The two part number "Athazagorafobi" slows thing down to a somber melody with a simple repeated riff that breaks off into slightly picked notes which is the first part and in the second movement the cut drones out. "Frustrazione Della Psiche", "Frekete" and "Nostofobia" are total fuzzed out rockers which sounded like something you would expect from a MUDHONEY jam session. Hey people out of all of those Grunge bands from Seattle, MUDHONEY was the best because they were more Punk Fuckin Rock.

Now for as much as I think this is a cool sounding fun release it also strikes me as a jam demo. There's just too much looseness going on. Granted it's their first proper release although according to their press info they did release an EP in 2007 called L'Origine Ep. I don't know the language nor am I about to translate everything but I'll guess it means The Original EP. Yes I know, I'm so worldly. Be that as it may Dromomania is a little over twenty minutes in length which technically also makes it an EP and not a full length. I don't know of any ruling on that matter but if it's lest than thirty I say EP. I won't write these guys off in fact I believe they should be kept an eye on in the future. Although guys next time more OM and less Mark Arm.


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