Saturday, November 26, 2011

BATTLE OF BRITAIN MEMORIAL - The Aftermath Of Your Bright Beings CD review

BATTLE OF BRITAIN MEMORIAL - The Aftermath Of Your Bright Beings CD
Self Released
Genre: Postcore
Rating: 3/5

Believe it or not SFM666 has been getting a lot of postcore/post something or other type bands all hailing from France in the past year in a half. I get stuff from other places as well but more from France than other places. The question begs to be asked, what the hell is going on over there? Is there another bread strike? Now pardon my ignorance but I've been calling these types of bands post hardcore/post metal/post rock (aka: post something or other). Little did I know it really has a sub genre term all their own, Postcore, which encompasses everything. I feel educated now don't you? BATTLE OF BRITAIN MEMORIAL, or BOBM for short, hail from Toulouse, France and have a sound that exhibits everything "post" you can think of in extreme core or progressive sounds. Although they're more creative about it by not jumping in your face and screaming. Yes there are some screamed harsh almost black metal type wailing going about but musically, especially on the opener, "Welcome to Rapture", they slowly build up aggression to the point where the intensity tips to a boiling point. Other times it's like ants crawling all over your body.

BOBM is certainly not what I was expecting. They stand shrouded in a fog of atmosphere slowly stirring till the right moment and then once you're to the point of screaming yourself they pounce. You'll know when because that's the point they start screaming. This formula is evident of most of their cuts which makes em exciting. The only weak point is with the vocals. They're not blood curdling enough and who's the woman speaking in the background? Is that a sample? Their post rock-isms are almost in a FLOYD-ian progressive psych manner. "Majestic Blue" sounds beautiful as it leisurely strolls along for the most part until the pleasure is shattered at it's end. The Aftermath Of Your Bright Beings is six well constructed cuts half of which are over the six minute mark. That keeps in with their building layers of atmosphere which they destroy at the end. I don't get around to this area of extreme as a fan. Still not my bag but definitely interesting as well as engaging to any extreme music fan looking for something which surpasses the confines of the post rock world.



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