Monday, November 14, 2011

ANCIENT OBLITERATION - A Menacing Reality CD review

Self Released
Genre: Death Thrash
Rating: 5/5

The worst thing about this Canadian band's debut full length is that it originally came out close to a year ago (Dec. 2010 to be exact) and I'm just now hearing it. Other than that I think it's pretty cool. A Menacing Reality might be their debut but the band has been around for a few years now releasing a split with the band AUROCH also in 2010, an EP in 2009 and a live release in 2008 with the amusing title, Live, Wish We Were in Japan. Calling ANCIENT OBLITERATION just Death Thrash is a little misleading since they've obviously given the genre a good twist. Listening to this I'm thinking it's more schizo punk influenced than thrash. Imagine if KILLDOZER put out a an album heavily influenced by early Swedish death metal. I'm talking about non traditional DM vocals and bizarre lyrical themes over a distorted guitar crunch sounding as if someone was marching over millions of roaches. Strangely enough that's similar to what I thought about the first MASTODON years ago. Although this is the best thing I've enjoyed listening to from a Canadian band since 'Feed A Fetus' by the DAYGLO ABORTIONS.

OK that might be a stretch but musically these guys are serious fucks. The riffs are simple yet familiar even as dirty as they sound. The rhythm section runs to perfection. Sound wise you would think this was recorded at Sunlight Studios. It's when the vocals kick in I'm wondering if they're genius or just fucking with people (or both?). There's songs about colossal radiated ant lords; "Radiated Overlords" (reminds me of one of my favorite Big Bug movies from the 50's), the obligatory satanic messaging; "Professor of Black Magic" as well as "Pagan Rape" (although far from cheesy) and of course transcendation; "Hunted and Deranged In This Bleak Zone". Either way A Menacing Reality is exactly what it says.



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