Friday, December 16, 2011

GRAND CENTRAL - 01 EP review

Hellvice I Vicious Records
Genre: Punk Rock
Rating: 4/5

Listening to this reminds me of the days when Scumfeast was a print fanzine in the late 90's. We would get a shitload of 7"ers by bands from the states or overseas (mostly from Sweden) who were doing this hard rockin punk. Other fanzines like Gearhead were writing about these bands. The bassist for the New Jersey punk rock band ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN, Sal, created a compilation CD series called Fistfull of Rock n Roll which had all of these types of bands on them. It was as if these acts totally skipped over the 80's Hardcore scene and held their allegiances to the originators of Punk Fuckin Rock like the DEADBOYS, DICTATORS and RADIO BIRDMAN as well as the godfathers of Punk the STOOGES and the MC5.

This EP by France's GRAND CENTRAL could've been a four song 7"er in the late 90's, hopefully on colored vinyl. According to their info the band got their start in early 2010 when ex-members from french bands SMSCREW and Madame de Montespan, all had the same desire to create a hard edged combination of hardcore, punk and wild Rock'n'Roll. Back in the 90's a lot of fanzines were dumbfounded and eventually called these types of bands hard rockin punk. Although we at Scumfeast Fanzine just called it Punk Fuckin Rock since we knew what the fuck we were talking about. GRAND CENTRAL know what the hell they're doing as well. This is just their debut but now I'm excited to hear a full length by them someday. As an old friend from back in the day would say, "this is killer dude".




Sorry no video.

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