Friday, December 16, 2011

DESERT SIN - Destination Paradise CD review

DESERT SIN - Destination Paradise CD
Pure Steel Records
Genre: Power Metal
Rating: 4/5

This came to me under the description of melodic metal. Alright so after an acoustic guitar opener/intro titled "Awakening" this Austrian band kicks into pure power metal. Although these guys hold true (or is it "troo") to the core roots from the early 80s they do an incredible job at retro fitting everything into a modern sound. They might be called DESERT SIN but listening to the title cut as well as "Kill the King" (not the RAINBOW cover) it feels like someone just hit you in the face with a snowball. Speaking of the cold there's some ICED EARTH and NIGHTWISH influence sweeping through on here by way of heavy keyboard use. That's to be expected in modern power metal as long as it stays out of the symphonic realm which on here it does. DESERT SIN employs a fair mixture of melodic and chunky riff structures that combine well with the keyboards as well as a driving rhythm section. For someone like me whose been pummeled this year by death metal I found Destination Paradise to have this epic flow which grabs hold of you for a long winter's journey. Seriously their name freaks me out but what doesn't is vocalist guitarist Sandro Holzer. While the music is as solid and crystal clear as ice (it's December so give me some leeway on the Winter metaphor use age) it's Sandro's vocals which act as guide over all of this splendor. Pretty damm good but their name sounds like they took it from a Middle Eastern whorehouse.



No new videos so here's something from their first album.

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