Friday, December 16, 2011

OBSESSOR - Sick Salvation EP review

OBSESSOR - Sick Salvation EP
Genre: D-Beat/Crust/Speed Metal
Rating: 4/5

Brandon "The Obsessor" Ferrell, the one man mastermind behind OBSESSOR, is back with his second two song EP of annihilating speed metal punk. After you blast these two cuts you feel like you've just slammed your way through a SODOM, DISCHARGE and VENOM triple bill. Brandon, who performs all instruments and sings, knows how to put together an old school 7"er style ass kicking of chaos for five minutes. The title cut is great but the flipside (yeah I know it doesn't flip over but fuck you I'm old school as well) "The Demon" is the piledriving knockout face buster. If this guy ever puts out a full length it will be the best thing you'll ever hear as well as survive.


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