Tuesday, December 20, 2011

TYPHONIC AGE - Misanthropic Wrath demo review

TYPHONIC AGE - Misanthropic Wrath demo
Self Released
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 3/5

Here's a release that you would normally find on one of those download sites, usually originating in Eastern Europe, where the site creator will only post raw demo quality material for the true acolytes of the horned god or something to that effect. Here we have a two piece blackened act out of Asheville, North Carolina. These guys must be the most hated duo in that town full of pottery making hippies. I can just imagine them going up into the woods all corpse painted and blackened up carrying swords and battle axes for a photo shoot then accidentally bumping into a few camped out wide eyed, tie dyed, wannabe Woodstock heads. Yeah that would be fun wouldn't it? Talk about a viral Youtube video that would be.

Like I said TYPHONIC AGE are a duo consisting of Set whose responsible for the harsh screamed vocals, guitar and for writing the lyrics. The other creative half is Zann the drummer and is listed as adding guitars as well. Their release here, Misanthropic Wrath, is a three song demo although the first cut, "Procreating the Archetype" is more like a two minute atmospheric piece that slowly creeps out at you. The rhythm guitar sounds like a downed power line which has made contact with someone and the screaming commences. The second cut, "Therionic Wolfhowl" is where things start falling into place. These guys have aimed for pure second wave black metal rawness and hit bullseye. The opening guitar tone of their third song, "Ahriman Ascendent", sounds similar to Ron Ashton's from the first STOOGES LP. Although it doesn't last that long once the tremolo destruction takes over then you have ten minutes of low fi blackened torture.

I could put this on a cassette and tell someone this originally came out in 1990 from some obscure Ukrainian band with a very good chance the person would believe it as well as offer me twenty bucks for it. Then again they might question the English lyrics I know I would. As Set screams in the third cut "This is fucking black metal!" Yes ladies and gentlemen, and you others, there be Satanists in them there Carolina mountains. Hey who really knows right? Even though this is short release with Radio Shack recording quality I find it a little more interesting then some of the polished computerized material that comes my way created by college radio losers or hippies trying to jump on the black metal bandwagon only after they heard a BURZUM CD that their pimply faced girlfriend, with the horned rimmed glasses with the fake lenses, downloaded from Mediafire. I'd like to invite these guys to town for a show and to kick some hipster ass. Hey if INQUISITION can play a fuckin North Raleigh sports bar then anything is possible. Keep it going guys I see a full length in your future which will be selling at Blackmetal.com.

Bandcamp: http://typhonicage.bandcamp.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/typhonicage

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