Wednesday, December 28, 2011

BLACK CROW KING - To Pay The Debt Of Nature CD review

BLACK CROW KING - To Pay The Debt Of Nature CD
Bad Good Music
Genre: Drone
Rating: 2/5

Creating gloomy drone oriented experimental black metal is no way to go through life there Corvus. In fact with all of those descriptive terms, taken from two of your label's promo sources, one would guess that you just might be a hipster (might be that is) and that's before anyone would give a listen to the pretentious music on To Pay The Debt Of Nature. Corvus is the one man mastermind behind BLACK CROW KING who created a agonizing bunch of noise on here the likes of which I think a SUNN O)) fan might reject. Oh yeah that would also be me although of late I'm starting to question my fascination with them as well. I believe the proliferation of these types of noise acts of late has been because the music is easy to create yet sounds pretentious and edgy.

All this consists of is some guitar noodling by some friends of Corvis, some drums, keyboards, plenty of distortion and feedback plus Corvis screaming in harsh black metal styled tones. If this is what pseudo intellectual music snobs call "forward thinking music" then I'd rather stick with good o'l knucle dragging neanderthal sounds, you know like real black metal. According to the press release “To Pay The Debt Of Nature is a harrowing journey into death, darkness and despair." I totally agree with that accessment especially the despair part. People usually coin the phrase "experimental" with this type of music which is getting to be an ad hominem type of genre classification. It's basically noise and incoherent screaming albeit I'm sure whatever lyrics being thrown out are meaningful to Corvis. I'm sure someone out there likes this stuff.



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