Thursday, December 8, 2011

SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER / ENFUNERATION - American Death Thrash split CD review

HPGD Productions
Genre: Death Metal Thrash
Rating: 4/5

I haven't gotten a bonifide split album, not an EP, in a long while so this was pretty fuckin cool. An even better bonus is that both bands are pretty fuckin extreme so there's a bit of nostalgia kicking in. Yeah I'm thinking of cassette tape memories there people. Ya remember those things right? First up on this bloodsoaked menu are SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER from California who some of you really sick fucks out there will know put out a filth ridden death thrash release called The Rebirth a long damm time ago. They had a song on it about zombies coming to fuck you which is kinda new to the usual eat you theme. They had another release out but this is the first new tracks they've put out in a few years. After listening to this they obviously haven't lost a step. The term Death Thrash has taken a beating over the years with various bands inserting core into it which basically fucked it all up. SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER play the real shit like a SLAYER / AUTOPSY hybrid virus created in a secret lab but unleashed by accident. Five tracks here which will make you out to kill, fuck and eat.

ENFUNERATION are the new guys on here, from Oklahoma City, and are pretty straight forward death metal. Their sound and style is very similar to a few much more well known acts from the East coast. I'm thinking a cross between SUFFOCATION and DEICIDE which is pretty awesome. I think it's a valid comparison since ENFUNERATION ultilize that blast furnace intensity on their five cuts. I'm talking about dive bomber solos, bloody tremolo riffs, thunderous bass and of course incredible drumming that drives their sound through solid walls of steel. In simpler terms they are heavy as fuck. They are also students of their craft. Like I said this is straight forward USDM being played to the hilt with bloody throat vocals, no cookie monster thank you. Some snobs would criticize em for being unoriginal or not forward thinking. Yeah well that's why I like em. I'll take brutality and bludgeoning over progressive air fart crap any fuckin day of the week. All in all a great split for sick fucks.


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Just for the hell of it here's some early Sacrificial Slaughter

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