Thursday, December 29, 2011

RAZORWYRE preview track for their new full length Another Dimension

I've received many comments, all good of course, for posting old show videos from the club I used to work at in the 90s. Of course remembering the past is fine but hey people we're in the here and now. We're a sneeze away from 2012. So before you make that oh so important decision on what type a stupid looking party hat you plan to wear during this weekend's New Years Party (which you'll end up regretting once those photos appear on Facebook). I believe it's time for all of you (or how they say it here in the South "ya'll") to check out something I'm starting up for the new year as

SCUMFEAST METAL's Video Spectacular

I'm gonna start by saying technically this ain't a real video but more of a promo vid to alert you as well as get you psyched. For me I don't need to be reminded (ok that's not true since I do drink) on this band's greatness. Usually when I'm running naked through my neighborhood being chased by professionals eventually being caught, cuffed and thrown into the van. I never have a decent explanation for my sudden outbursts of insanity. But back in January 2011 I did because that was when I had this New Zealand bands CDEP, Coming Out, sent in for review. RAZORWYRE were this explosion of NWOBHM and Thrash influenced Metal. They had it all; galloping rhythms, chugging guitars, fiery solos and of course the clean vocals as well as the classic heavy metal scream. And frankly if you don't care for a cool heavy metal scream then you can just leave.

Where I live here in the great state of North Carolina (we're number one in strokes) classic metal styled bands still reign supreme in appreciation. Seriously I've been to shows and it's true. Don't believe a word of what indie-phile press scribes say. If they see someone wearing an IRON MAIDEN Killers T-shirt they have the same reaction like sticking a cross in Dracula's face. And it's not just were I live either. The whole of America still raises the horned salute to this type of classic sounding metal, except for NY and LA. No revival needed or asked for. Then there's Europe where band's like RAZORWYRE would be treated as royalty. When reviewing this band's CDEP last year I named dropped MAIDEN and METAL CHURCH as comparisons from the past. Fine if you want some modern names, if you're a young hesher into ENFORCER, WIDOW and VOLTURE, then you'll like RAZORWYRE. If you think Heavy Artillery Records doesn't release enough cool classic metal styled stuff for you to crave over then you will be looking else where for their 2012 full length, Another Dimension.

If you're an older fuck like me and after listening to this video you do not climb up onto your roof naked, playing air guitar on that ceremonial battle axe you hang on the wall for decoration as well as home defense then you're already dead. Goodbye because we're going to blast this one by New Zealand's RAZORWYRE until the van shows up with the guys in the white coats who will drag us down from the roofs, cuff us and ask why were we doing what we were. Well then listen to this




Razorwyre from NEW ZEALAND -- the new Force in traditional 80's classic Heavy/Speed Metal proudly announce their forthcoming: Debut Album "Another Dimension" -- on a limited Edition Pressing of only 300 copies worldwide released in cooperation with Underground Power/Germany --

CD Version will be available worldwide in cooperation with Inferno Records -

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