Thursday, December 8, 2011

COMITY - The Journey Is Over Now CD review

COMITY - The Journey Is Over Now CD
Throatruiner Records
Genre: Post Metalcore something or other
Rating: 3/5

Usually Throatruiner Records sends me compilations or split releases with a few cuts each from post metal acts the world over but there's always one of em that's French. COMITY are somewhat of a French institution when it comes to post metal extremism. I had no clue because I don't get into this music and if you read the new policy taking into effect at the beginning of the new year, up near the top of the page, this might be my last. Another thing about Throatruiner Records is that the stuff they send in is insanely annoying and headache inducing but it's fairly extreme (sometimes that's even putting it mildly). COMITY are a perfect example. They are simply all over the place injecting more neck snapping tempo changes that would be a perfect recipe for torture. If someone created an amusement park ride with equal the fury that this band puts into their songs (four of em on here) they would be arrested with the park condemned as hazardous to humans.

The Journey Is Over Now", is this band's first full length in five years. That adds up to a lot of pent up aggression and it shows on here. Like I said there's four tracks on here in fifty two minutes. The tracks are not named but just go by the titles "Parts 1 thru 4". The first two drove me nuts like being forced to listen to a DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN CD that skips. The third cut was kinda cool with a psych/prog like feel to it that brought some calm to the madness by adding acoustic guitar, sitar (that's a guess) plus some inventive electric soloing and some keyboard elements to bring out the atmosphere. It felt like a Thorazine drip after a bad accident (meaning the first two cuts) involving me as a passenger in a car that careened over a cliff and flipped a hundred times. Although there's no rest for the wicked because the fourth cut returns to the crash scene. Interested parties should inquire within.



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