Wednesday, December 21, 2011

IMPALED OFFERING - Regurgitate Christianity demo review

IMPALED OFFERING - Regurgitate Christianity demo
Pathologically Explicit Recordings
Genre: Death Grind
Rating: 5/5

When I first read this band's email there was some confusion on my part. I first thought it was "IMPALED offering demo" as in that IMPALED from California, "The Dead Shall Remain Dead" IMPALED! Yeah I can be a freakin idiot sometimes. Although it would've been cool to receive something from IMPALED with a message saying "dude here's our latest pre-release demo for you to check out, horns up." Hey people I might be closing in on the half century mark but I still get excited by things like that which means I'll never be jaded. Case in point take this band here who hail from Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is some fairly insane stuff right here people, dare I say "brootal". Although the way I look at things what IMPALED OFFERING is doing on this five song demo of theirs is not some casual listening experience that you share with just anyone. To me this is like those two cans of beer you've had in the refrigerator since last weekend and it's now Friday so you share one with a friend. (sorry people but I can't afford fine wine so you're stuck with the beer analogy) Then again sharing the existence of this release to you people is equal to me telling you where I hide the dead bodies.

I don't consider myself a connoisseur of everything brutal when it comes to death metal. (I'm still quite sane) I'm pretty much stuck with old school sounding bands. If ya have any doubts then look at my year end best of picks as far as death metal is concerned. Be that as it may every year I hope to find something that stands on that brutal side of the aisle in order to break out and play extremely loud to clear the office of dust and garbage. There have been a few releases this year that were decent but I wish I had this one earlier in the year. IMPALED OFFERING are not brutal for brutality's sake which can be enjoyable at times especially when you need some loud music to cover the sound of the chainsaw when you're cutting up the corpses. This three piece act is real death grind that's brutal as well as an exciting listen for anyone whose also into old school DM influences. There's nothing simple about this band. They throw a lot of variety at you like the blackened influences on "Reality Engorged" or the title cut which reminds me a little of NAPALM DEATH when Barney first took over. And this is just their fuckin demo so can you imagine what their full length is gonna be like when they record and release it in 2012?

IMPALED OFFERING are the true embodiment of what I categorize as extreme and crossing over the death metal / grind boundaries. The opener, "Contortion of Souls", shows plenty of tech death level appeal without being annoying and then they shift gears into a head banging groove which could also influence one to slam into one another. "Down Syndrome Lust" is pure run through solid walls screaming insanity. I say that because there's a section within the song which kinda reminds me of early GRAVE. It's not a lot but enough to get a GRAVE fan like myself to stare at the wall as if it were a target and plan my attack. In fact I'll say it's my favorite track on here not for the subject matter of course. Hey now I don't coach college football alright. I just like extreme fuckin music and for some mainstream people that's weird in itself. Whatever the case this band here clearly gives a few nods to the greatness of extreme metal's past while at the same time giving us psychos something to look forward to hearing in the future, actually the near future. Hopefully they come out with their full length next year before supposed end of the world thing happens. I need to plan my playlist for that last twenty four hours. Also a friend of mine and former house mate (Angela) is from Albuquerque, New Mexico so I've gotta turn her onto this band.




  1. This was pretty f***ing awesome. Worst Metal album covers ever! My only question is… deathly hardcore and bad-ass can you be if it take you 2 hours to put on makeup everyday?

  2. After listening to the whole demo I instantly liked their Facebook page. The full length album is just going to be fucking ridiculous! So much that you can't even hear, so much to hear, I need the full length already, can't wait. The scene is about to get hit with some high desert deathgrind... bringing back what's been lost and progressing the scene. Madd respect for these guys, support em'