Thursday, December 8, 2011

DEMONIC SLAUGHTER - Revelations of Death CD review

DEMONIC SLAUGHTER - Revelations of Death CD
Hellthrasher Productions
Genre: Blackened Death Metal
Rating: 3/5

Alright their cover art work looks similar to an old horror movie poster, the opening song is an intro of gothic church bells, their name looks familiar, they're blackened death and from Poland. So what's not to love about this? In all seriousness their band name did look familiar to me and I come to find out that I've not only seen their name before but I might of heard one of their previous releases. DEMONIC SLAUGHTER are not new to the game since they've been around for at least five years. They've also got a back catalog of two EPs and two full lengths. Revelations of Death is their third full length. The first thing you notice are the vocals which at times kinda sound like Attila from MAYHEM if he chose to sing in a death metal band. Otherwise this is pretty standard death metal albeit picked in a tremolo style for the most part with bloody throated vocals when the guy doesn't invoke Attila during the slow down moments like at the mid point and end of the opener "Remains". DEMONIC SLAUGHTER also adds plenty of atmospheric ghostly spoken word breaks in between the galloping menace of riffs.

"Rites from the Past" is a great track of sinister riffage and absolute filth being spat out with total disregard of anything. It's just pure fuckin hate accented with a hellish scream of torment at it's closing. "Towards the Unseen" is an interesting atmospheric break added in between the assault on your nervous system. It's calm, peaceful yet foreboding like crossing a fog covered lake at night to see what's lurking on the far side. What you find is "Prayer of Accursed" which is almost a sad piece of blackened derangement which three quarters of the way through moves into an almost gothic keyboard arrangement. It was around this time I started wondering if Revelations of Death was more of a conceptual piece exposing the sickening and demented rage of it's creator. Then the next cut "Communion of Dissolution" jumps out at you as if VENOM or a more blackened version of MOTORHEAD entered the room only to succumb to more atmospheric theatrics. The ghastly horror sound tracking bleeds into the blackened thrash of "Nightmare of the Third Eye". The final cut is more spoken word atmospherics in the Attila voice. What this release lacks in character and forcefulness it does make up for in keeping you off balance throughout. It definitely reminds me of a decent horror flick when the scares can come at any time without warning.



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