Friday, December 16, 2011

DARKMOON live 10/2/98 at The Caboose Garner NC


The Caboose was a small club in Garner, North Carolina (just outside of Raleigh the state capital) owned by Ed Warner, who later would become one of my closest friends. From 1996 to 2000 Andy Miller, another one of my closest friends, booked shows there. Andy and I also did Scumfeast Fanzine which covered the extreme side of underground music and culture. I had the good fortune to work security at the Caboose which afforded me the incredible opportunity to be at almost all of the shows. Since Andy had great taste in music, the bands that would appear on the small stage at the Caboose were the ones he wanted to see. So for close to four years the Caboose had the best shows, as far as extreme Punk and Metal go at that time, in all of Wake County. Also Andy video taped a lot of these bands in order to keep a historical record, give copies to the bands and trade via mail to other video collectors across the globe. Right now Andy Miller and Ed Warner are appearing on stages and making history themselves as part of the punk/metal act KNOWLEDGE IS FOR FOOLS.



Andy also is owner of Buttons Made For You, a small company that creates buttons/badges. Through constant inquires from fans about those old videos Andy has finally took some time out of his busy schedule in order to upload some of those old videos to Youtube. Scumfeast Metal 666 is proud to present some of these videos, with a few words about the bands and show memories, on a regular basis.

DARKMOON were basically DEMONIC CHRIST minus vocalist/guitarist Dana Duffey. They hailed from Charlotte, North Carolina and made a good name for themselves in the late 90s by releasing two landmark full lengths; Vengeance for Withered Hearts in 1998 (my favorite by the way) and Seas of Unrest from 1999. The band would call it quits in the new decade with members moving onto work with NILE and WEHRWOLFE.

As far as this show was concerned I remember it was LOUD! Actually the sound quality on these videos doesn't do it justice as far as loudness goes. Then again I was standing, actually wedged up against, the speakers on the left side on the stage trying to get a full view of the performance. The band appeared as a three-piece for this show. A rare moment in blackened history. Most people only wish they could be this close to a band like this nowadays.

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