Wednesday, December 28, 2011

MAUSOLEUM - Back From the Funeral CD review

MAUSOLEUM - Back From the Funeral CD
Razorback Recordings
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 2/5

I must admit that twelve months of reviewing OSDM (Old School Death Metal) bands has taken it's toll on my psyche. I was good up to the Fall but these past weeks have been some stretch especially when the bands in question are all new yet all sounding too reminiscent of their fore bearers. Take this one from Pennsylvania, a state I use to live in as well as being the place where the whole zombie movie phenomenon got it's start. I'm talking about George Romero's Night of the Living Dead for any of you hoovers slumming on here for street cred. For Death Metal fans Romero is god, Evans City is hollowed ground and zombies became a prevailing theme with bands straining the remains for lyrics. MAUSOLEUM are unfortunately second tier DM playing with the remaining dust after genre overkill. Think AUTOPSY and OBITUARY for the overall sound with a reworking of the last ideas imaginable for lyrical themes. It all reminds me of those remakes of Romero's movies, although Tom Savini's 1990 remake was decent.

Back From the Funeral is MAUSOLEUM's second full length. Their debut and much better titled Cadaveric Displays of Ghoulish Ghastliness came out in 2003. Maybe they are returning from a funeral or this was just slapped together with mediocre ideas. In between the fast then slow dirty groove tempos you get your prerequisite wannabe scary samples. The band does try to bump up the excitement with the opener "Doomed in the Desecrated Cemetary" which is followed by the not bad "Dead Walkers", a reference to the show on AMC? The twenty three seconds (I'm serious) of death grind "Raped Within the Casket" also bears mentioning. From that point on or in other words the whole second half of this is average. "Brains" (I Must Eat Your Fucking Brains), really now I'm even offended at that lack of conscious effort on their part. The finale is mostly death doom gloom and goodbye. Look people I really like this music, well not a lot of this particular release, but in general. It's been a great run of OSDM bands making a second full fledged go of it for close to three years now. I think 2011 was the peak and it's all down hill now. Case in point this one here, nuff said.



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