Friday, December 23, 2011


MeteorCity Records
Genre: Stoner Rock
Rating: 4/5

I seriously believe a bag of weed should have come in with this release for review. It's not that I need it of course but BLACK PYRAMID is so 1970's centric that the addition of a bag of weed would bring back childhood memories even more than the music. Of course you can't clean your weed with a CD case although I've heard that some new doom types (hoovers) still try it. You've got a problem there people besides we used records with gatefold sleeves back in the day. Yeah I know you thought it was just for the artwork but no it wasn't. Also those Frisbees we had in the back seats of our cars? Same thing since we were too fucked up to play Frisbee. But anyway this new one by Massachusetts' own three some, BLACK PYRAMID, is a winner for nostalgia purposes in my book. The opener on here "Endless Agony" sounds like SABBATH covering DEEP PURPLE's "Pictures from Home". Seriously it does and I haven't been smoking anything.

The rest of this release is just good 70's hard rock influenced stoner stuff. There's only two long jam type cuts on here like twelve plus minutes of "Dreams of the Dead" and the fifteen plus minute closer "Into the Dawn". Now I point that out because hippie blues jams are tiresome. If you're into that then just go pick up a GRATEFUL DEAD soundboard bootleg and choke on your love beads loser. That's not stoner rock because there's no "rock" in it. BLACK PYRAMID have actual songs with are memorable and are hard fuckin rock. This is their second full length. Their first, which I never heard, was self titled and came out in 2009. Since that time they've appeared on a few splits and released some singles. I'd say if you are a fan of the genre yet have everything I've told you about, as far as stoner stuff goes, then needs to be in your bag as well.



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