Thursday, December 1, 2011

ALCOHOLATOR - Coma CD review

EBM Records
Genre: Thrash
Rating: 4/5

This Canadian band's brand of Thrash (there are more than one by the way) is what I call evil, mean and somewhat fun. Strangely enough that is exactly the way I'd describe some of my friends when they've had too much to drink. Personally I was never really into the fun type of Thrash (MUNICIPAL WASTE being the modern day exception of course) but since these guys have a few cuts about what their band name suggests and toss in an EXCITER cover, "Pounding Metal", I think it's definitely worthy. Should've had this playing on Thanksgiving when I got traditionally drunk as dogshit. The only other band I like that uses this many alcohol themes is TANKARD from Germany. I haven't heard anything from them of late so ALCOHOLATOR just might become the new world champion of drunken thrash.

Now of course when listening to this you've gotta keep all the music snobs away since ALCOHOLATOR make no effort to separate themselves from the old school formula. They open this debut full length of theirs with an instrumental, “Intoxication 101”. From that point on it's a galloping riff-o-thon with plenty of gang shouts, double bass pounding and a balanced mixture of fast to mid-paced cuts. It's a good sounding release which will get your hesher friend going, "dude is this some new NUCLEAR ASSAULT?" No it's not so just sit back, drink your forty and enjoy. Although I must admit even though I was one of the few old fucks (as in I was around when Thrash first started) who loved the Thrash Revival, sometimes listening to these new bands is kind of a blur. Luckily for this band they have some exceptional moments.

“The Chamber” is one of the standouts on here since it's pairs the band's speedy attack with some decent mid-song breakage similar to some past greatness. That's followed up with “Liquid Thrash” and “Drink Beer… Or Die Trying” both of which have the perfect elements of slam pit development, headbanging and audience participating shout alongs, with the prerequisite raising of beers in the air during the chorus. It must be redundant when they play gigs with mostly underagers in the crowd. Then again there's plenty for those soda drinkers to like on here like the speed assault of “Abduction” and the aggro attack of "Breaking the Wall". All in all ALCOHOLATOR join the ranks of the better than average new Thrash acts out their today. Their sophomore release will be the key on whether or not they can stand toe to toe with modern band's like HAVOK and WARBRINGER. But this is a welcome winner plus look at the cover art work, remind you of anyone?



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