Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DEGRADATION - Juggernaut CD review

Self Released
Genre: Thrash
Rating: 3/5

DEGRADATION hail from Chicago, Illinois and this debut release of theirs came out last February but I'm getting it now. Too bad though because as far as competent thrash goes these guys hit every mark like it was the mid-eighties. Seriously this is authentic as it gets, no demo quality stuff and certainly no modern polish. I guess the strange note about them is that for a Midwest band they've chosen to be a complete clone of Bay Area greats from the past. I mean with the exception of the CROWN cover on here, "Executioner...Slayer of the Light", these guys pretty much take something from almost everyone in thirty minutes of playing time. Of course every other new thrash act does the same thing. What matters most now is whether or not it can hold your attention long enough. Most of their cuts fly by so fast that it comes across as filler. The best part about listening to Juggernaut is guessing who they borrowed a riff or song structure from. Then again you could simply pop open a beer and then play this for your friends. Get all drunk and hesher-ed out then have a debate on whether or not they sound more like METALLICA or TESTAMENT on certain songs. Five bucks says this band, as well as this particular release, will be on a big label in 2012.

Official: http://www.degradationband.com/

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