Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Saw Zombies Eating Santa Claus Metal Holidays video post one.

I like the Holidays just as much as catching an STD. Thankfully parody videos help me through all the fake cheer and seasonal false joy that other people have. Hey I'm not a Grinch and don't mind benefiting from someone else's holiday but if a band can butcher a classic holiday tune and is smart about it then I'm all for it.

So our first entry this season for the Holiday Holocaust is "I Saw Zombies Eating Santa Claus" by REPAID IN BLOOD a death metal act out of Sunnyvale, California. If you wanna know more about them then check out their Myspace site

And now you can all join in and sing along.

I saw zombies eating Santa Claus, Underneath the mistletoe last night,
They tore him limb from limb, Smiling a lipless grin,
I grabbed my trusty axe, And let the real killing begin.

Then I saw Santa get up again, Hoping he would get my back,
I felt his frozen grip, And from my hands the axe did sleep,
I realized I was screwed on Christmas Night.

I broke free and tried to get away, My back against the wall,
My help it soon arrived, Our forces did collide.

A blur as limbs began to hit the ground, This battle will soon be done,
How fortunate for me, Im not a damn zombie,
But I killed them all here on this Christmas Night.

OH, What a time of the year, To spread joy, And good cheer,
To the living, And give peace, To our friends, The undead.

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