Thursday, December 29, 2011

VISCERAL DISGORGE - Ingesting Putridity CD review

VISCERAL DISGORGE - Ingesting Putridity CD
Amputated Vein Records
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 4/5

For those of you out there who are not familiar with my sick sense of humor I'm not trying to be mean spirited whenever I mention the press release info in a review and how it doesn't correspond with the actual music. I've gotta admit that sometimes the info I receive is more like window dressing. This particular email package came in with the words "one of the most brutal releases of 2011". Now maybe some snob type of music scribe might take that in a bad way and be a prick to this band. Not me because anyone who would send that out has to have a set of brass balls and the music is probably going to be really brutal as fuck. So even before I listened to this I had the release up in points as if it was hand delivered to me by a crotch crushing ape with a note saying "like it or your head is next". After listening to the first few songs I must admit that VISCERAL DISGORGE are definitely a brutal sounding death metal act. Although I've heard some pretty brutal stuff this year and my office floor is still covered in empty pain medication bottles to prove it.

I wasn't surprised to see that VISCERAL DISGORGE hails from Baltimore, Maryland. I spent a week in that city years ago while visiting a friend who was going to school there. Now except for the downtown area, the water front and a cool bar where my friend hung out at that catered to loose art school sluts and had two types of National Bohemian (aka: Natty Bo) on tap, the rest of the city was a shithole. No offense of course but obviously if you're in a death metal band from there then you're going to be a brutal one. So I kinda have more respect for these guys and their music then a typical brutal sounding DM band from California. I mean except for the high taxes how brutal can living in California be in order to influence a band's music? But anyway this release is the debut by VISCERAL DISGORGE who are not just brutal sounding for brutal's sake. For starters the music they create is actually interesting to hear as well as blast loudly. Their songs contain varied tempos but for the most part are from the slow crawling death doom spectrum. It's from that base where they formulate various scenarios in order for their all out attack.

On the opener, "Force Fed Shredded Genitalia", things start off with this dark atmospheric back drop of sound. It's kinda like the audio equivalent of the anxiety one gets while walking down a dark alley at night. Twenty five seconds goes by then someone jumps out of the shadows and rapes you. Yeah that's also when the band starts cranking out the brutality. Somewhere shortly after the three minute mark the sound breaks to allow a voice sample stating "tonight you will get your dick ripped off". They could have just as well used someone saying "welcome to Baltimore" as far as I'm concerned. Of course that's nothing compared to what follows. Some people might consider the song titles on here to have come from rejected SAW movie scene ideas for their overwrought hostility. I don't think so in fact they look more like ideas the band found in their local newspaper. Songs like "Sedated and Amputated", "Strangled and Sodomized", or "Ball Gagged and Gutted", hey that's just a typical Saturday night in Baltimore. While speed is not of the essence here VISCERAL DISGORGE adds enough tech death brilliance like a sadistic surgeon slowing dissecting you without anesthesia. "One of the most brutal releases of 2011", yeah sure especially when you hear "Maggot Infested Fuck Hole".



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