Tuesday, December 27, 2011

VARIOUS SHORT REVIEWS end of year quickies

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following are quick reviews of releases I got in late but wanted to include prior to the end of the year. No ratings since everything is great stuff.

COFFINS - Ancient Torture 2xCD compilation
Deepsend Records
Genre: Doom / Crust / Death

This came out early in 2011 but is well worth picking up. For anyone who is a fan of this Japanese trio you probably hate the fact that they've been on a lot of split releases which you simply have not kept up with buying and Ebay prices suck. Well here you go sick dogs because this comp has the stuff you've craved for so fuckin long. I'm talking their original material plus the covers.

Label: http://www.deepsend.com/

TSJUDER - Legion Helvete CD
Season of Mist
Genre: Black Metal

This was these Norwegians come back album after lying low for a few years. Fine release but fans knew their trio of work like Kill for Satan from 2000, Demonic Possession in 2002 and the almighty greatness of 2004's Desert Northern Hell were hard to surpass. Definitely a for fans only release.

Label: http://www.season-of-mist.com/

THE FUCKING WRATH - Valley of the Serpent's Soul CD
Tee Pee Records
Genre: Sludge

I still talk about the greatness of this band's debut from 2007, Season of Evil. A year afterwards I found out they played a show some shit hole in Durham with two local bands. One of those bands played with BARONESS so I walked up to that band's singer/guitarist and asked him about THE FUCKING WRATH. He probably was pissed because I didn't ask him about his band and BARONESS was on stage but they kinda sucked that night. So the dude really didn't have much to say about THE FUCKING WRATH because they were better than his band which broke up by the way.

Label: http://www.teepeerecords.com/

Einheit Produktionen
Genre: Pagan Folk Metal

Normally I'd get a Viking's longboat full of pagan folk metal in for review. Was it something I said? Maybe someone didn't like that AMON AMARTH review from earlier this year. Anyway these Germans are pretty epic on this release.

Official: http://www.xivdarkcenturies.de/

HIGH PRIEST OF SATURN - Self Titled 2 song demo
Self Released
Genre: Doom

Two long SABBATH inspired with Hammond organ spilling all over the place and female vocals. Oh yeah they're from Norway. I'm sure I originally heard this on Crestfallen's Podcast but I got it, the demo bandcamp link, from a Euro Doom connection who sends me all of this obscure shit from Europe. If this band doesn't get a full length out in 2012 (hello Van Records) then it will be a crime.

Bandcamp: http://highpriestofsaturn.bandcamp.com/

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