Sunday, December 18, 2011

THE PRESTIGE - A Series of Catastrophes and Consequences CDEP review

THE PRESTIGE - A Series of Catastrophes and Consequences CDEP
Self Released
Genre: Post Hardcore/Screamo
Rating: 1/5

This is not hardcore or punk rock, as opposed to what the promo info referred it to being. This is a four song EP of your basic post "something or other" core type stuff that annoys the living shit out of me. Look I've been very nice to receiving this type of stuff in for review this year but enough is enough. This is Scumfeast Metal 666 and not Screamo Monthly, OK? I'm now gonna call this stuff out for what it is and why I don't like it. THE PRESTIGE is a four piece from Paris, France who simply are less metal but all core. You have some guy screaming (aka: screamo) while the band is mixing together disjointed structured melodies. Sometimes they're full on groove and on other cuts it's funky or just throwing everything at you as if they're trying to be progressive. Their sound is in constant flux which is were the "post" as well as "annoying" part comes in. All of these vocalists sound the same as if they've been cloned. The guitarists are no different in their playing styles. The drummers are throwing jazz fills and beats that are headache inducing. Hey look as far as the musicianship goes they're extremely talented I mean you have to be for this music. But the songs are these rudderless compositions like jam sessions instead of a structured song that moves along at a recognized pace. This band is supposed to come out with a full length next year. I can't even imagine what that would be like. You know chaos just for the sake of it is really boring.


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