Thursday, December 1, 2011

THE SUN THROUGH A TELESCOPE - Summer Darkyard EP review

Handshake Inc
Genre: Drone/Doom/Sludge
Rating: 2/5

Well the opening track on here almost made me shit my pants. I'm not kidding either. I was gonna run to the bathroom down the hall so I figured I'd start this playing. So for the first few seconds it's pretty silent except for some low reverberating noise. Like any normal person would do I turned up the volume and waited to see what if anything was wrong. At the fifty second mark this blood curdling scream jumps out of my speakers totally freaking me the fuck out. A lessor person would of been changing their soiled draws after that one. Luckily I'm use to hearing insanity like this that almost is as close as it gets. Since we're on the subject, insanity that is, THE SUN THROUGH A TELESCOPE is a one man experimental noise act out of Ottawa, Canada. Lee Neutron is the mastermind behind the craziness and responsible for the guitar, bass, drums, programmed samples and vocals (although that part tends to just screams and computer effected spoken wordings).

By the way the earlier mentioned opener, “Darkyard”, finally moves on from the drone and wailing into some sludgey doom at around the five and a half minute mark. Welcome to the third release in 2011 for THE SUN THROUGH A TELESCOPE. The first two came out on cassette and can be attained through Dwyer Records. This is technically a three song single which is disturbing to say the least. Single note guitar plucking, keyboard loops and plenty of atmospheric drone. Every time I'm about to drift off into the drone zone (aka: nap time) something crashes on here shattering the journey I was on behind my eyelids. After the first listen I was so tensed up like a wide awake drunk with a gun waiting for the mythical "them or it" to come crashing through the front door. At least the third cut, "I'll Die Goodbye", brings out a time to relax. Strangely enough even when it's over you can still here the wind like droning continue. Interested parties should take notice.



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