Monday, December 19, 2011

SEELENMORD - And We Will Find Only Solitude Part One CD review

SEELENMORD - And We Will Find Only Solitude Part One CD
Self Released
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 4/5

Good black metal transcends borders, take this Argentinian two piece act for example. Some modern interpreters of the genre who are frozen by that "cascades" mindset might cite AGALLOCH or WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM as an influence after a listen or two. For me this band is early ULVER from the southern continent. Instead of the frosty Norwegian landscape for influence these guys can just look to the west and their Andes mountains. In fact the vocals sound like they're being screamed by some lonely mountain hermit. There's a cold discipline taught by pain, solitude and hardship that echoes throughout this release. This thing begins and ends with what one would imagine the sound from atop a mountain peak would be like. A lonely wind swept existence which suits the music perfectly. Then again it could be just a nature induced metaphor to our own inner selves's true state.

The band's sound is harsh yet melodic as the tremolo picked rhythms drag you across shards of glass ripping the flesh from your body. The drumming is more like a torturous pelting to the head. Of course it's the vocals which is the major standout. So much pain in them that you don't know whether or not to recoil in fear or join in screaming like a wounded animal caught in a trap and left to die. I think I've listened to this five times in a row and the words which come to mind each time are agony and beauty. For some strange reason I believe SEELENMORD have recreated the audio equivalent of what lurks within all of us, well us strange ones that is.


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