Monday, December 19, 2011

BLOOD MORTIZED - Bestial EP review

Chaos Records
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 3/5

Four tracks of medium paced old school sounding Swedish death metal released on a Mexican extreme metal label. Will wonders never cease? This originally came out earlier this year on Nocturnal Blood Records as a cassette although that was only three songs worth. So consider this a redux with an extra track. BLOOD MORTIZED hail from Sweden so no surprises there as far as the musical style goes. This is their second release overall. Their first was a self titled full length which came out in 2009. Somewhere in Sweden the members of ENTOMBED are wondering what the fuck is going on in the world of death metal with all of these copycat / homage bands coming out. They might also be thinking why bother coming out with something new unless they plan on pulling a MORBID ANGEL on their fans. Then again they have switched gears before so who knows about them.

As far as BLOOD MORTIZED go well I'd have an easier time discussing the various shades of snow compared to convincing anyone how this stands out from all of the other OSDM acts out in 2011 (and those from the past 3 years). The band is made up of former members from some other second tier DM acts like MALFEITOR and STIGMATA. One guy, Anders Hansson, played guitar for AMON AMARTH in the 90s. Hey these four tracks would probably sit well if they were added to a homemade compilation with a few other and similar EP releases. Then again if you're a diehard you'll blast this while screaming obscenities towards all of the big name bands out there in death metal. I kinda do that myself once in a while.



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