Thursday, December 15, 2011

HEXFIRE - The Fire of Redemption CD review

HEXFIRE - The Fire of Redemption CD
Nightmare Records
Genre: Power/Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

If there's one thing which makes this Polish band's debut full length stand out amongst every other power metal band the world over it's the vocals. For the most part Lucas Liszko sounds like a clean singer for a punk/hardcore band. He'll throw in a heavy metal scream once in a while but for the most part he's got this edgy voice that is not over powering or operatic. To me I find that some what of a relief. As far as the music goes HEXFIRE have all of the characteristics associated with the genre which would make any fan want to pick this up. Galloping melodies, check! Keyboards used as background atmospheric accompaniment with symphonic elements as well as solos, check! Harmonic guitar soloing, check! Fantasy lyrical themes, check. I should just say at least they don't sound like the last things I've heard from genre heavyweights like STRATOVARIUS or BLIND GUARDIAN. Although now I'll probably get emails again from people telling me that BLIND GUARDIAN's early stuff is essential and that STRATOVARIUS were great before their guitarist Timo Tolkki (whose gone now) went on a power guitar god trip. The best thing about this for me, someone whose not a power metal fan, is when HEXFIRE break into these almost pagan metal cuts like "Restless Wanderer" or "Wicked Men" which opens with a guitar intro similar to "Gypsy" by URIAH HEEP. If you're a power metal fan and are wondering where the genre's future lies? I'd say check out HEXFIRE.



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