Wednesday, December 28, 2011

HEXIS - XI CD review

Enjoyment Records
Genre: Post Rock
Rating: 4/5

Here's an act from Copenhagen, Denmark that I had the painful pleasure of enduring when they appeared on a three way split release put out by Throatruiner Records this year. In fact that particular release, AS WE DRAW, EUGLENA and HEXIS split CD, ended up being chosen as the best various artist compilation of 2011 by me. Here's the band's full length debut and I'm trying to decide whether or not listening to this is akin to being in a rain storm of nails or it's just the audio equivalent of the coming apocalypse. I mean that all in a good way of course. That split they were on only contained two cuts to brutalize one's psyche. This is a full length's worth assault of seven and they do not hold back for a second. You get no time to catch your breath or pick your brains off the floor. When I played this my first thought was "oh no I remember this band." Then after the fourth cut I wondered what their shows are like. By the release's end I was telling myself that I'm getting too old for this stuff.

HEXIS combines the sounds of 1990's post hardcore, grind and some black metal to forge a fierce audio weapon. There are various bands on both sides of the Atlantic doing similar styles of this combination. Now I love my country but the European bands got us beat in this musical area simply because their sound, as evident on here by the ton, which really bleeds angst ridden hardcore influences that are not pretentious crap. Trust me on this because once you hear Filip's vocals you would think he screamed out his cords and left them on the studio floor. That's just one part of the intensity. Musically the band's sound is all over the place as you would expect but you will be amazed how well structured their cuts are. Of course this is a fast album with a running time somewhere over the twenty minute mark. Repeated listens are mandatory if you have the stamina to survive an hours worth of their pummeling. If someone decided to come up with another one word sub genre term for what HEXIS does my suggestion would be "EXTREME".



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