Sunday, December 4, 2011

CARELESS - Coalition CD review

CARELESS - Coalition CD
Self Released
Genre: NWOBHM/ Heavy Metal
Rating: 5/5

I don't know what I like better this band's music or their true rock story which is worthy of a VH-1 music special. (Because aren't we all sick of THAT fucking METAL SHOW and the airing of the same fucking KISS or MAIDEN concert, although I like what that rock doc dude is doing with that Metal an Evolution or whatever the fuck you call it show.) CARELESS play straight up classic metal from the early 80s but they're not new to the game. According to their bio guitarist Walt Kosar and drummer/vocalist James Collins were both music majors and became fast friends while attending college back in the early 80s in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Not only were they both into bands like RUSH, MAIDEN, QUEENSRYCHE and DIO but Kosar was studying guitar and Collins percussion so it wasn't long before the two started writing some original music and recording it. These initial songs "Curtains", 'Boundaries" and "D.F.M." open up this release plus they have such a vintage sound and structure that this could have easily been some long lost gem from NWOBHM's past. The duo recruited Kosar's high school friend, Nolan Ayres, to play bass. The trio had written and recorded a few more cuts, "Out of Control" and "Blackened Walls" but them split up along with moving away from one another. After so many years gone by Kosar finally gets in contact with his old bandmates in 2008 tracking them down on the Internet. (I'm guessing Facebook) After some discussion, it was decided to revisit the old material and supplement it with some new songs. (Definitely a "hey dudes lets get the band back together" moment)

That brings us up to date. Coalition is part old and part renewal. The old being the first part of this release with those previously mentioned cuts. All of which hold true (or is it troo?) to that early 80's sound. To some people this will be like listening to a thirty year old LP but for me it's my teenage years revisited. CARELESS have a slight MAIDEN-esque quality to them that runs through the melodies and soloing of the first couple of songs, "Curtains" and "Boundaries". As a vocalist Collins has a strong powerful vox which kinda reminds me of Dan McCafferty of NAZARETH. He even gets in a wail on "Out of Control". As far as their newer cuts go there's really no difference in style as if these guys have some built in chemistry that hasn't changed over all of the time apart. The standouts being the mighty "Contend in Vein" and "Against Stupidity". There's also three instrumentals on here the best being the acoustic guitar driven "As Time Passes" which is also a throwback in time. I guess the next thing is whether or not this act will continue on or is this just something they needed to get out of their system. If that latter part is the case then this is truly a document of the then and now.


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