Monday, December 19, 2011

RESURRECTING JUDAS - Vast Realms of Chaos Incarnate CDEP review

RESURRECTING JUDAS - Vast Realms of Chaos Incarnate CDEP
Sevared Records
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 3/5

Sevared Records is definitely the place for connoisseurs of brutality so this five song EP was not a surprise. Actually I was kinda disappointed that it wasn't as over the top destructive. RESURRECTING JUDAS, who hail from California (an obvious homestead for many of these brootal bands) sounds like DEICIDE, PANTERA and SLAYER locked in a room beating the crap out of each other while still keeping a semblance of technical ability. Some one will probably say I just described NECROPHAGIST which would be ironic since I kinda hate them. This act doesn't rank much higher either. RESURRECTING JUDAS are average in the brutality department. I've seen bum fights which held more vicious excitement then what I got outta these cuts. “Human Cereal” gets a plus for having a decent enough title and being the standout track on a mediocre release. Wow I can't wait for the full length which will have two out of ten cuts that will be OK. Cookie monster bloody throated vocals, almost programmable beats and a few interesting solo chops don't make for a brootal beating. You'll need to cover the floor with enough blood that will make your socks wet and this only rents a few drops.



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