Sunday, December 18, 2011

((THOROCK)) - Self Titled CD review

((THORLOCK)) - Self Titled CD
Handshake Inc/Grindcore Karaoke
Genre: Stoner Rock
Rating: 4/5

I'll give these guys extra credit for covering "Deuce" by KISS and actually making it not suck by adding some original pissed off aggression to a song that's been covered a dozen times over. I'm sure it goes over well as an encore whenever they play it to the handful of friends who show up to their gigs at some non-descript dive on the outskirts of their hometown of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. ((THORLOCK)) are a heavy sounding power trio who are just a step away from bar rock. Think NOLA type stoner swamp grooves and hard fuckin rock with various accompaniments like psych (the 18 fuckin minutes of "Mississippi Wheelwash") plus plenty of SABBATH riffage and MOUNTAIN's bombast. They've also got a vocalist who belts out lyrics like a loud drunk at a biker bar whose pissed because he's watching a NASCAR race on the bar's TV and his favorite driver just plowed into the wall. Actually all three members of the band are credited with vocals so I don't know who's doing the main singing. But you get plenty of guitar wailing, thick blues rock bass lines and a drummer who keeps time while thinking of beating someone up.

Now aside from the two major long jams on here, "Beyond Cosmic Dimentions" and the previously mentioned cut, ((THORLOCK)) are pretty damm cool. I can get over all of their stoner rock wannabe 70's redux simply because of the anger which is saturated on here worse than the urine soaked floor boards of a dive bar's bathroom. Yeah I worked as a bouncer in one of those joints so I'm speaking from experience here people. If you can imagine what the MELVINS (Houdini period) would sound like if they were from the Midwest then you'll get into ((THORLOCK)). You'll also be banging something, your head or someone else's head into a wall, when you blast cuts like "Man Will Lose", "Triceratops" or "Assneck". ((THORLOCK)) is stoner rock for drunks. They make something over played seem sort of fresh which is a stretch for 2011. Although this originally came out as a self release in 2008 so I don't know whatafuck is up. Is this a re-issue? Whatever the case may be ((THORLOCK)) sound threatening. I can imagine this band ending their performance by leaving the stage and attacking the crowd. Fuck that weak hippie shit let's kick some fuckin ass.




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