Sunday, December 18, 2011

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Life is Shit Take One compilation CD review

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Life is Shit Take One compilation CD
Tankcrimes/Grindcore Karaoke
Genre: D-Beat/Crust/Punk/Metal
Rating: 5/5

This is the right way to end a year. A great label teams up with another to unleash a sampler compilation and gives it away for free to fans. Look here all of you cookie pusses and whining douche bags because this is some of the best music of 2011. You can eat this as if it was a Vegas buffet and if you still feel hungry an hour later (I still don't believe that fable) then you can order each band's release. This comp works well for any loser who has the nerve to say "it wasn't a good year for music." Trust me there's always one clown in the pack or website forums for lonely virgins who says something to that effect. They just don't like music so get this, play it for them and afterwards leave them to their misery but don't leave em the CD.

I've heard about half of these bands in 2011 and 2010 by the way so should of you. I'm talking about CANNABIS CORPSE who have two cuts included on here which will "El Ka-Bong" your death metal lovin ass. There's one track from the new OBSESSOR EP. Then there's GHOUL who are complete nutbags and contribute two cuts to this dink. AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED cover GANG GREEN's "Alcohol". KICKING SPIT also contribute two tracks and then there's one of my favorites (actually I was joking about that Nevermind comparison in my review) for 2011, SHITTY FUCKER. Some other favorites on here are A.N.S and RAMMING SPEED who have a killer split on Tankcrimes which you really need to get. Everything on here is seriously worth your time.



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