Thursday, December 8, 2011

HAMMER FIGHT - Self Titled EP review

Self Released
Genre: Punk/Metal
Rating: 4/5

This kinda sounds like a more metal version of LIMECELL, a scumpunk band out of Philly from years ago affiliated with the Confederacy of Scum. Not surprisingly HAMMER FIGHT hail from close by in Atlantic City, NJ. This four piece of tattooed Jersey shore hooligans play a real aggro punk metal influenced highly by MOTORHEAD. Listen to the almost Lemmy vocals on "Stuck in the Chamber" as well as the Fast Eddie Clark style solo. The same can be said of "Down the Line", both of which are great tracks. There's an ACDC cover on here, "If You Want Blood", that the band only butchers but it's not an influence although the song choice is obvious. There's seven cuts on here all worthy to drink, fight and fuck to. Back in the print days of Scumfeast Zine this band would've gotten a cover from us. There's a lot of cool potential from these badasses. I wonder if they like ANTISEEN?



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