Sunday, November 27, 2011

HERESIARCH - Hammer of Intransigence CDEP review

HERESIARCH - Hammer of Intransigence CDEP
Dark Descent
Genre: Death Doom
Rating: 3/5

New Zealand's HERESIARCH are so evil and devoid of self that they don't even have a Myspace page not even an unofficial one. Therefore any of you interested parties are just left with my words and no place else to go for a sample tasting of their extreme brutality. Then again HERESIARCH are certainly not out to surprise you with something new to the overwhelming cadre of extreme noise acts out there. Basically they hail from the same cave dwelling where acts like Canada's MITOCHONDRION and Australia's PORTAL have crawled out of. The four guys from HERESIARCH, two of whom spend their days in the sun with fellow New Zealand blackened death act DIOCLETIAN, have one simple mission in life as well as on this debut and that's to literally beat you down till your body resembles a thin paste of muck. They perform this slaughter like process by using grinding guitar crunch, face ripping solos, bludgeoning blast beats and vocals that either rattle your skull with wailing screams or beastly grunts. There's some bass in there as well but you really wouldn't know it.

Sure it's nothing new under the sun or from the Southern hemisphere but it adequately serves a purpose leaving the listener in a position where if you survive it's twenty two minute run time consider yourself in good standing. You might even get a gold star if we can find a spot left to pin it on your body not torn apart with exposed under the skin tissue. For the most part Hammer of Intransigence runs at a factory like mechanized velocity with a few doomish segments tossed around whether for a breather or to be sadistic. Personally I think it's the latter. I don't think it's necessary to go into each song separately since these six tracks tend to bleed into one another to the point where you would think it's simply one song cut up in sections. Personally I'm more of a fan of DIOCLETIAN which is just a step above what we have here. I believe if I put my speakers in the windows and turned the volume up every bird and squirrel in the trees outside would fall dead to the ground. I'd probably get some neighbors out of their homes clutching their ears and begging me to put a stop to this audio torture. Obviously from my line of work with SFM666 they should be use to such hatred emanating from my residence. I've also been told that on some nights there's even an eerie red glow surrounding my home as if a supernatural presence has taken hold of the property. Well be that as it may I've survived the onslaught of HERESIARCH, can you?


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