Saturday, November 26, 2011

BELL WITCH - Self Titled Demo review

BELL WITCH - Self Titled Demo
Self Released
Genre: Doom Drone
Rating: 3/5

BELL WITCH are a two piece (Adrian Guerra on drums/vocals and Dylan Desmond on bass/vocals) from Seattle, Washington (where else, right?) who have a decent little four song demo out now. I'll take a guess now and predict that they're be signed to at least a one album deal with Profound Lore, Rise Above or maybe even Van Records come next year. This might also be a side project since both members are involved in a few other acts or at least former acts. Except for the Masque of the Red Death Vincint Price movie soundbite on the opener "Beneath the Mask" this is textbook slow, gloomy funeral doom that crawls forth with more ass than an alligator. There's four cuts in all with two short pieces, first and last cuts, and two long ones. The mournful sounding "Mayknow" is over eighteen minutes. Strap on the ear buds, lay back in the easy chair or your unmade bed and prepare for a sorrowful atmospheric journey. "Mayknow" starts off very melodically with Gregorian chanted vocals then slides into a more sludge territory with harshly growled beast like vocals and harsh screams/wails. The other long track, "I Wait", takes just eleven minutes of your life and is more in the vain of OM, who are probably the best as far as bass and drum doom drone acts in my not so humble opinion. The earlier mentioned opener and the finale cut, "The Moment", are both somber reflective passages each creeping over the three minute time limit. For four bucks you can get this now from their Bandcamp page and add it to your collection of nocturnal sleepy time favorites. Like I said OM own this genre style so BELL WITCH are simply creeping up behind in order to fill up some more seats at a coffehouse.



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