Thursday, May 12, 2011

MORBID ANGEL new song preview and comments

My good friend (and former Scumfeast print zine co-hort) Andy and I have been in a recent discussion on the forth coming MORBID ANGEL CD. Andy's perspective is simply Altars of Madness is all you need, everything else? Ahhhh!. I tend to agree since as far as greatness goes MORBID ANGEL, as well as almost all of the early Floridian Death Metal greats, started out on top then slowly rolled down hill to average status or irrelevance.

So here is a preview song from the new soon to be released MORBID ANGEL CD Illud Divinum Insanus. (out June 7th, 2011) Are you excited? I'm not BECAUSE I've already read the pre-release responses from people who have heard the whole thing. David Vincent is back in the fold and there's some industrial elements within a couple of songs. I'll get to it in a review some day but for now here's a cut from it.

I'm going to forecast that this CD will be a) praised by people who haven't listened to anything from the band's early days in an "age". b) praised by hipster indie rock losers who don't even own any MORBID ANGEL releases but quickly put in an online order for a t-shirt, short sleeve of course. OR c) will be given the hesitant thumbs up by old fans, who listened to Altars of Madness yesterday, and will be hoping to see em on tour this year which is going to be better than a new CD.

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